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Adhere to"style of Learning Enterprise",is the foundation of SHENZHEN FU FANG LONG PLASTIC PRODUCT LIMITED.’s continuous,healthy,and fast development.During these years,our company’s framework became increasingly perfect by keeping on open to choose person,employee channel;attract ability person, keep ability person,improving ability person and employ the best ability person.Since the 1999,each year our company employ over 100 graduaters from the universities,promise their treatment of salary,provide the arena for them to show their ability.Some of the high ability person who job-hopping from the high salary enterprise said:the most attractive of the Bloom sky world adhesive packging Co.,Ltd. is not the policy,not the salary,but is the chance;the chance is which the other comapy can not provide!

InSHENZHEN FU FANG LONG PLASTIC PRODUCT LIMITED .,not only think of the diploma;if you have confidence,if you are enough excellent,then Futon will supply you a wide sky for your flying.occupation development is not only base on the original speciality and original department;you can be upgrade directly or indirectly,all depending on your ability.As a new employee of graduater;the training department will arranging a mount guard training for 45days(include drill training,expanding training,enterprise culture,etiquette knowledge,OA,marketing knowledge,and practicing in the producing room);75days of probationership in the department helping you to get a good start of the work. Annual training project of the enterprise,help you to fulfill the special knowledge during the development improving .the outside engage lectuer brings wide space for pluralistic development of the management training,technical training,producing training.
The enterprise is hammer at bringing up a term of young cadre.prodviding the ability person for the department’s perfect development and the strong developing of the filiale.The company will choose some cadre in support as the bringing up object, from the new employee of the annual graduaters.By holding the view of “strengthen the training force,intensify the training quality,providing ability person to all the department”;the company has to deal with 5-6 times of pertinence training lectureor management lecture for the cadre in support. At present,most from the cabre in support has became the cadreman of the company,though they has been in the company for just one or two years. Along with the quicken development of the enterprise internationalization. As the future cadreman of the enterprise,the Chairman is very care for them,and provide each of them the chance of learning English. the trainging department retain English teacher each year,For training them English listen,say,read and write. The intention plan for the course design and wonderful schoolteaching, improving the English level al-around for the learner;and has provide the stability foundation for them to service the enterprise better and good for their personal development